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Radiators are a vital part of your car’s operation. When working properly, they keep the engine cool, which is a lot to handle since engines can reach 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and more. If your cooling system is not working, this is hot enough to seriously damage the engine, warping aluminum heads and blowing head gaskets.

To keep your radiator doing its job providing engine cooling, get the best in repairs and maintenance from Chesaning Radiator Auto Repair Service, one of the leaders in auto repair in Chesaning, MI. Our technicians have made a name for themselves providing top level services that will ensure your car operates at safe temperatures.

When you bring your automobile to Chesaning Radiator Auto Repair Service, we can fully inspect your radiator, checking cooling fans, coolant levels, and heat absorbing problems. We have the equipment to repair leaks so your radiator will properly ensure engine block cooling.

Our technicians have the experience you will want working on your radiator. They are completely certified and have the equipment and parts to repair the radiator of any make or model of auto on the road today. We can provide coolant replacement according to your manufacturer’s recommendation, as well as other maintenance checks that can save you big bucks in engine repairs.

Repair services we can provide include:

• Tube Damage Repair in Aluminum and Brass Cores
• Plastic Tank Replacement
• Hose Connection and Filler Neck Replacement
• And More

Depend on the best in auto radiator repair in the Chesaning area and bring your car to Chesaning Radiator Auto Repair Service. We provide free estimates and often can provide one-day repair service, too.